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Cpl. Charles Corbin's dog tags, leader of the Reconnaissance Section, 3rd Armored Division, veteran of the Battle of the Bulge, wounded by a King Tiger tank, at Parfondruy, during the Kampfgruppe Peiper attack of December 21, 1944.

He has offered its dog tags to the museum during his visit in June 2013, they are now displayed in the exhibition.


“I was born December 10, 1924 in Hallwood Virginia. In September 1944, I became Chief of Section of the Recon Unit. I had a half-track and a jeep, with a crew of 8-9 men. On December 21, 1944, we were sent to Parfondruy via Grand Coo, southeast of La Gleize, with a small detachment from Task Force Lovelady. Two days later, I was wounded by a Tiger Tank and evacuated".

Charles Corbin, 3rd Armored Division.